Monday, September 28, 2009

Saxon Math : Saxon Math 65: An Incremental Development

This book is being used by my grandsons 6th grade, and I am helping him with his homework. I have three university degrees, including Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate in science, business, and economics. And I have taught at the university graduate and undergrate level for more than twenty years. I was astounded at the efficient and advanced technique used by the author, Stephen Hake, to gradually introduce most basic concepts of logic, arithmetic, alegebra, geometry,and other subjects to my 12 year old student in this book, in a practical manner with practical every day applications, so that he absorbed them as by osmosis, without actually knowing it. This will provide him with a solid foundation for the four years of mathematics he will receive in high school, and for his later studies at university level. Hake does this without muddying up the young students mind with such distracting technical terms as "algebra, geometry, solid geometry, trigonometry, logic,and other subjects," by introducing the basic concepts of each subject with practical problems that require the student to, unwittingly, apply them.

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